Amaro 1904

The only Chamomile amaro
with a recipe from 1904.

Gin Ferdinando and Amaro 1904 plunge their roots in the De Cinque family tradition and re-propose ancient recipes of Ferdinando, a relative of the producers of Bad Spirits.

Ferdinando De Cinque, lawyer, deputy and scholar of literature, was born in Casoli (Italy) in 1876 from a prominent family of notaries. A multifaceted man with a constant passion for studying, in the early 1900s he began to put his knowledge on botanicals into practice, experimenting with new combinations and flavours.

In 1904, he refined the final recipe for his amaro. As for his gin, Ferdinando will never reveal the formulas of his liqueurs, which will remain preserved in his notes, among which we can include at least a hundred procedures for the most different creations, with variations and corrections.

With its amber colour achieves a complex and harmonious balance of orange citrus, spicy hints of cinnamon and cloves, and finally fresh notes of mint and liquorice.
But the real star of this botanical performance is chamomile, a small flower capable of infusing depth and aroma to the liqueur.

Capacity: 700ml.

With herbaceous and balsamic tasting notes.

Alcohol content: 29°

Botanicals: Mint, Orange, Cinnamon, Chamomile, Fennel, Licorice, Cloves

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