Bad Gin

“Bologna is an old lady with slightly soft hips with her breasts on the Po Valley and her ass on the hills”


Bad Gin pays tribute to the city where the company and its founders were born, Bologna.

The bottle is silk-screened with an illustration of the city profile and thanks to the magnifying glass effect created by the bottle itself, it is possible to admire it up close.

The colour chosen derives from one of Bologna's three nicknames, “the Red”, which is exactly the colour that its roofs and walls give to our old lady.

Finally, the famous two towers symbol of the city, called the Asinelli and the Garisenda, appear under the logo on the back of the bottle, showing off and winning the attention of the viewer.

Aromatic, surprisingly fresh and deliciously spicy, Bad Gin with its undertones of juniper, lemon and coriander blend creating a perfect balance,
tempting and caressing all your senses and giving way to a wonderful warming peppery flavour.

Capacity: 700ml.

With spicy and balsamic tasting notes.

Alcohol content: 43°

Botanicals:Coriander, Lemon, Black Pepper, Juniper Berries.

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