Ferdinando De Cinque Gin

Gabriele made a calm gesture and wrote in pencil on the white wall with his tall and wide handwriting: “Patience is the immortal nepenthe that strengthens the body and restores the soul”


Gin Ferdinando and Amaro 1904 plunge their roots in the De Cinque family tradition and re-propose ancient recipes of Ferdinando, a relative of the producers of Bad Spirits.

Ferdinando De Cinque, lawyer, deputy and scholar of literature, was born in Casoli (Italy) in 1876 from a prominent family of notaries.

With the outbreak of World War I, in 1915, he voluntarily enlisted in the Italian army. It was during these years on the front line that Gin Ferdinando’s recipe was refined: a blend of alcohol and botanicals, created during the exhausting rage of the war, capable of warming the hearts and souls of his comrades in arms. Ferdinando will never reveal the secret formula of his Gin, which will remain preserved in his notes until today.

The book you can see just above is an ancient collection of poems and short stories; currently, the copies available in circulation are very rare.

In addition to faithfully reproducing the liqueur, the De Cinque family wanted to pay tribute to Ferdinando's passion for writing: behind each bottle, it will be possible to discover one of the quotes chosen from the work Scheletri, cani, lupi e ninfee (Skeletons, dogs, wolves and water lilies), published in 1944; a window on the front label offers us a glimpse at the original book cover.

Capacity: 700ml.

With herbaceous and balsamic tasting notes.

Alcohol content: 45°

Botanicals: Juniper, Pinus Mugo, Lavender, Rose, Sage, Mint, Rosemary, Thyme, Fennel.

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