Our History

Our History

Andrea De Cinque and his son Alessandro founded Virus Srl in October 2015 in Bologna with the aim of creating a series of high quality artisanal liqueurs.

The first creation was a fully illustrated line of spirits called Virus Liquori, which already included some of the masterpieces still in production today.

In the following years the company grew, transformed and expanded, and decided to renew itself. The first step is to give new light to its products, modernising bottles and labels, but above all to choose a new name, Bad Spirits.

In 2018, Andrea and Alessandro discovered some old recipes left by their grandfather Ferdinando De Cinque and decided to recreate them. After more than a year and long tests, they finally managed to make two of the products they are still most proud of: Ferdinando De Cinque Gin and Amaro 1904.

Without curbing the desire to always propose new choices, they decided to study and launch another Gin and dedicate it entirely to Bologna: this is how Bad Gin was born.

At the end of 2020 they decided to select only the most acclaimed liqueurs of the Bad Spirits line, unifying them under a new graphic format and renaming them Bad Spirits Classics - sambuca, vodka and gin.

The company is in continuous development and its products are increasingly known, also winning many awards throughout Italy. Today it boasts 6 unique products on the market and, growing and innovating itself, has never given up on giving importance to quality and making it its strong point, using only triple distillation grain alcohol and completely natural and allergen-free aromas.